As carers, we understand that you may have a lot of questions to ask us.
Please take a look through our FAQ to see if we can answer your question, otherwise feel free to contact us to speak to us directly.

Q: Do you have any vacancies for my child? 

A: Our availability for vacancies varies throughout the year.
We advice that you arrange an appointment to get your child’s name on the waiting list. This is the most efficient way of ensuring that your child receives a spot at Gloryland!

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to see your centre?

A: Yes. Please give us a call on 03 9841 8228 to arrange an appointment.
As we can be quite busy, please try to call 3-4 days in advance to secure your appointment date.

Q: What will happen at this appointment?

A: If you have arranged an appointment with us, you will be given a tour around the centre. During this time, you will be given information about our centre and will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have, as well as the option to fill in a Waiting List form if there are no current vacancies.

Q: Does it cost to put my name on the Waiting List?

A: No. There is no cost to have your name on the waiting list.

Q: How long is the Waiting List?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact length of time you may have to wait.
The waiting list is dependent on our currently enrolled children plus the ones already on the waiting list.

Q: Is there parking available?

A: Yes, we have a private parking lot available in front of our centre.


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