Our policies towards discipline are aimed at instilling in the children a sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions, through proper guidance and modelling of appropriate behaviour. Children are encouraged to respect others, the Centre’s property and the environment.

In our endeavour to maintain a safe, secure and happy environment for all the children in our care, children who jeopardise the well being of others may be redirected to other activities. It is the staff’s role to explain to the children why the behaviour was deemed inappropriate and help them find alternative courses of appropriate behaviour.

Under no circumstances is the following allowed in the Centre:

•    Corporal or other psychological punishment of children
•    Humiliation, intimidation or isolation of children.
•    Using vulgarities near children
•    Scream at children
•    Rough-handling of children

As is consistent with our open-communication policy, parents will always be consulted if their children are deemed as exhibiting inappropriate behaviour.

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