If your child requires medication while at the Centre, please complete the Medication Administration form and return it to us. With clear instructions for our personnel to follow, the form includes important information like the required dosage, name of medication and the appropriate times to administer the medication.


Parents are requested to supply updated immunisation records for all children attending the Centre. Please note that childcare benefits may be withheld from families that do not provide updated immunisation records.

Communicable diseases

We strive to provide a healthy environment for both our staff and the children in our care. The Centre enforces a strict policy against admitting any child who has been exposed to or has a communicable disease.

The Centre reserves the right to send home or refuse attendance to any child who is unwell or shows symptoms of an infection or a contagious disease. Please do not send your child to the Centre if they are unwell.


All of the Centre’s care givers are required to maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene, especially when interacting with the children. They must also ensure that the Centre is clean and tidy at all times. Likewise, children are encouraged to upkeep their personal hygiene, for example, to wash and dry their hands before and after meals.

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