Collection of Children
Only parents or persons whose names are stated in the enrolment form are allowed to collect the child from the Centre. If you are unable to collect your child from the Centre, you must notify the Centre either with a phone-call or in writing. If you were to authorise someone to collect the child on your behalf, that person must at least be 18 years of age. Photo identification will be required.

Fire Safety
In compliance with safety requirements, the Centre will conduct fire drills regularly. The aim of these drills is to ensure that both the staff and children know the fastest and easiest way to evacuate in the event of a real emergency.

Accidents and injuries
Accidents and injuries can occur in the safest environments. When your child has an accident or injury while at the Centre, it will be recorded in the Incident Report. If your child sustains an injury at the Centre, you will be informed about it and asked to acknowledge the matter by signing the Incident Report. This ensures that parents are kept informed and are aware of such incidents.

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