Positive Transition to Child Care

Change is a daunting thing, no matter how little or how big it is is.

For our new children, they are getting used to being at childcare for the first time! For our current children, they are transitioning in to their new rooms – full of new faces, routines and expectations. Regardless of whether your child has been with us for years or is just joining us, it is good for us to understand that change is not easy (even for adults!), and we need to be patient as our children become comfortable in their new surroundings.

Here are some tips on how to help a Positive Transition in to Childcare:

  • Prepare your Child
    Start talking to your child about their new room/centre as soon as possible. Get them prepared for the change by talking about some of the teachers they will meet and some of the activities they will do!
  • Consistent and Predictable Schedule
    Try to stick to a similar drop-off and pick-up time. Keep your routine consistent as much as possible, so that your child gets accustomed to it. Eg) In the mornings, greet the educators together, put your bag and drink bottle away together, and give a quick cuddle before saying goodbye
  • Short and Sweet Goodbye
    Keep your goodbye short and sweet! Give them a quick cuddle and let them know that you will be back “after afternoon tea” or “when the clock touches 4”. Dragging out your goodbye or checking on your child through the windows will make things worse, as your child will be upset/confused as to why you’re so near yet not responding to their cries! If you appear trusting and confident towards our educators, your child will too! 
  • Build Relationships with Educators
    Communicate and build relationships with the educators. Let them know about how your child’s sleep went the night before, and how best to comfort them. The great relationship you have with your educators, the more trust will be built between you, the educator and your child. 
  • Be Part of the Centre!
    Throughout the year, get involved and help out in the centre! You can read a book, do an activity, teach a skill, or even volunteer in other aspects of our program. If your child sees you being involved, they will begin building a better sense of belonging to the centre
  • Don’t be afraid to call!
    We know that part of transitioning involves you as well. It is never easy making the decision to leave your child with us, and we understand this. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and give us a ring anytime of the day! We are happy to give you updates to ease your worries too. 
Positive Transition to Child Care