Your child’s dietary intake is crucial during these early years, as research shows that children who eat well are more likely to have more positive learning outcomes. This is not something we take lightly.

We know that developing healthy eating habits are not limited to just mealtime routines or taste preferences and can be cultivated from the moment children try their first foods. This is why we engage children to assist us with growing vegetables and herbs in our garden, before harvesting, prepping and serving them with our meals! When children are involved in the process of food preparation, and are exposed to whole food education, they develop a greater appreciation for what they eat.

Our Qualified Cook prepares all meals in-house daily, while catering to special dietary requirements. Our team is well-versed in preparing healthy, balanced meals for children and follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines for dietary intake in children aged 5 and under.

Our seasonal menu offers a range of fresh fruit and vegetables accompanied with recipes that are aimed at expanding children’s palate and interest in a diverse range of food.

What’s unique about our nutritional philosophy is that we welcome families to share their favourite, fussy-eater-approved recipes (and actually implement them into our menu) and we love having families come in to engage with the children in a range of cooking experiences embedded in our program, that also teach children about different family cultures.