Partnering with families and communities to nurture children who see themselves as active citizens, who love to learn

Why Gloryland?

At Gloryland, our children are precious.
With a tailored approach, we support each child in their learning journey to become passionate and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.


Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), combined with children, parent and community input, we’re committed to ensuring your children are ready to thrive at school and keep their love to learn, for life.

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Families find a family in us, a trusted team to care for and educate children, we listen to your concerns and cater to individual family needs, because we understand parenting should never be done alone.

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Everyone is on a journey and as long as we keep working on improving ourselves, we will stick together on this journey and we become more than just colleagues, we become teachers, leaders, friends and family.

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We believe that learning is for a lifetime. This core belief is the foundation on which all our programs have been developed. At every stage of your child’s development, we aim to equip them with a deep love of learning that would guide them on the path to becoming passionate and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is for your child to grow to be curious, adventurous and persistent, especially in the face of life’s challenges.

Nursery & Toddlers (0 – 3 year old)

For many babies and toddlers, this will be their first time being in childcare or being cared for outside of the family. From the outset, our primary goal is to ensure that your child settles in and feels secure in our care. Once they are settled, your child will begin to learn early literacy and numeracy skills, self-help skills and early communication skills through play!

Pre-Kinder (3 – 4 years old)

By now, your child will have developed their independence, and have begun forming friendship groups. At this stage, more than just developing language, children need to develop problem solving skills as well as learn appropriate social rules. We’ll be here to help your child bridge the gap and expand their world of imagination through exciting challenges that encourage them to give new things a go!

Kinder (4 – 5 years old)

At this point, your child will be starting to get ready for school! They will need plenty of practice in being responsible over their own belongings, raising their hands to ask questions and standing up for themselves. Your child will learn these habits as we guide them through our School Readiness Program, which will equip them with early reading and writing, group huddle, public speaking, basic STEM and creative art & imagination skills!

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