Our Goals and Philosophy

Gloryland aims to provide opportunities for each child to develop their full potential, by providing education in an environment which supports practice, diversity, and equity. It aims to provide a safe, nurturing, and happy environment that encourages positive thinking, and promotes Christian values to help children grow into caring, respectful, and responsible adults.

Our Program

Our program is guided by the Victorian and National Early Years Learning Frameworks (which incorporates the Multiple Intelligence theory) and is based on achieving the best outcomes for children. The program provides a stimulating and responsive natural environment that reflects

Our Staff

More than just employees, our staff play key roles as carers and educators – working together with parents – to provide a fun and educational haven for the children. Our staff are dedicated and trained professionals who bring with them

At Gloryland Childcare and Kindergarten, we inspire, influence and make a difference in each child’s life and future.

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